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Porta Maggiore Square

Published on March 30, 2018 by fromhometorome

Located in the point where eight of the original eleven roman aqueducts converged, we find the spacious Porta Maggiore Square, a fundamental area in the road network of the city, point of convergence of via Prenestina, via Casilina, the Esquilin area and San Lorenzo district. The square derives its name from one of the ancient gates of Rome, Porta Maggiore (Larger Gate), so called because of its imposing dimension. Built in 52AD by the Emperor Claudius and later included in the 3rd century Aurelian Walls, it consists of a travertine double archway decorated by windows in the pilaster and surmounted by an attic with a dedicatory Latin inscription. Modified during ages, the gate was renovated in 1839 by Pope Gregorius XVI. On that occasion the Tomb of the Baker, a sepulchral monument realized in 30BC for the baker Marcus Virgilius Eurysaces, was eventually found. In 1915, during the works for the railways, an underground Neopythagorean basilica was discovered; richly decorated with stuccoes, today the basilica is closed to public for restoration.

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