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Recommended daytrip from Rome: How to get to Tivoli

Published on May 23, 2018 by C. P.

Photo by Dnalor_01 through Wikimedia Commons, through a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license

Rome is the perfect starting point for a number of daytrips that will allow you to discover some of Italy’s most important attractions as well as some of the country’s hidden gems.

The sheer number of high speed trains leaving from Rome is a guarantee that you can reach a number of destinations and make it back by end of day, but the very extensive regional train network is worth mentioning too, as it allows you to get to many more notable must-sees.

How to reach Tivoli

The FL2 regional train stopping in Tivoli, for instance, will get you in no time from Rome to some of the most astounding UNESCO heritage sites not actually in the Eternal City: Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa.

Trains depart approximately every hour (make sure you also look for trains headed to Avezzano: they’ll stop at Tivoli, too!) from the train hub at Roma Tiburtina, one short subway ride away from Roma Termini. Roma Termini itself offers a service to Tivoli, however this is limited to the early mornings, to accommodate a large number of commuters. Therefore, it is not recommended!

Once in Tivoli, you can walk some 10 minutes to Villa D’Este, right in the middle of Tivoli itself, or you will complete your journey to Hadrian’s Villa by boarding a local bus.

One more site worth mentioning is Villa Gregoriana, whose entrance is a mere five minutes walk from the Tivoli train station: if you’ve got time we recommend not skipping this beautiful garden.

For those only wanting to visit Hadrian’s Villa, a convenient bus service operated by the COTRAL company will depart from the parking at the Ponte Mammolo subway stop in Rome and leave you a short distance from the archaelogical site.

Need a driver to get you to Tivoli? We’ve got you!

Whatever your choice, your ride will take about one hour. We recommend buying a one-day pass (the BIRG ticket or “biglietto regionale giornaliero due zone”) to make the most out of your day and have the convenience of boarding either bus or train (do remember to stamp your ticket when beginning your trip!).

And for those of you overwhelmed by the mass transit system, at From Home to Rome we can recommend an alternative solution in the form of a private van taking you to the sites. Our trusted partners at Gianni Conti Car Service can offer you a tried and true option with extremely competitive prices: make sure you book your driver today by calling our office or by asking us directly when you check in!

And what about a guide?

If you’re planning to get to Tivoli and wish someone could show you around, check the availability of our trusted partner Chiara Mataloni at Born and Bred in Rome: a certified guide, an expert in archaeology and history, she will offer a 15% discount on the price of the tour if you’re staying in one of From Home to Rome’s apartments!

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