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Recommended daytrip from Rome: How to get to Orvieto

Published on August 18, 2018 by C. P.

By Nashounet [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

While not being in the Lazio region (the state in central Italy where Rome is located), Orvieto is close enough to its borders to represent a fantastic option for a daytrip out of the city.

One of Umbria’s jewels, this scenic, picturesque walled town, perched on a hilltop, is a favourite destination for many a traveller visiting Rome, thanks to the convenient, easy connections by train (close to 20 trains a day leave for Orvieto from Roma Termini).

One of the most ancient and continuously inhabited cities in Italy, Orvieto looks like a dream to a visitor – sitting on a tufa hill, it looks as though it has been painted or imagined by a movie director (and as a matter of fact, it has appeared in many tv shows and films). So why not go and see for yourself what the fuss is all about?

A long and fascinating history

The first signs of the importance of Orvieto date back to Etruscan times: the city at that time was called Velzna and it was here that the rulers of the most important cities of that ancient kingdom met regularly to decide their policies. The city was annexed by Romans in the third century BC, but it gained importance because of its impregnability particularly during the Middle Ages, when it was often visited by reigning popes. In fact, it remained a papal possession until 1860!

Art… under your feet

When you visit Orvieto, don’t just get lost wandering about its alleys and beautiful churches and museums. Of course, the magnificent Duomo or the lovely San Giovenale church are among the most visited attractions, however consider booking a tour of underground Orvieto, with over 1200 galleries – many of them still being discovered to this day – which were the town’s best kept secret for millennia. Originally escavated by the Etruscans to build the walls which protect the stunning settlement, these were later used to hide various popes (and, of course, Orvieto’s noble families), to store wine or water…

Orvieto & food

Talking of wine, don’t miss out on the excellent local offerings: Orvieto is also the name of a dry white wine produced in the region, while Rosso Orvietano is the corresponding red. They’re inexpensive and make for great, if uncommon, souvenirs. Also loved by tourists and locals alike is the area’s olive oil – we recommend you participate in a tasting! Orvieto is equally famous for its truffles, as well as its homemade pasta. If a restaurant advertises its manfricoli/manfrigoli, do stop and sample these “thick spaghetti”!

Getting to Orvieto

As mentioned, Orvieto is directly connected to Rome via train. Travel time is under 1h 30 and (it can vary depending on which type of train you’ll book your tickets for). The train station is at the base of the hill where the old city is located. A funicular will take you to the hilltop (or you can use a bus). Orvieto is also reachable by bus, leaving from the bus central station at Roma Tiburtina. And, should you want to make the most of a private driver, we can get you a very competitive quote from one of our partners, so contact us today!

And don’t forget that while in Orvieto you can visit many other towns of the Umbria region or even make the most of its close proximity to another must-see of this area – the crumbling city itself, Civita di Bagnoregio!

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