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How to reach the city center from the airport at Fiumicino

Published on January 3, 2019 by C. P.

how to get to Rome from the airports

Both international Roman airports (Leonardo Da Vinci in Fiumicino/FCO and JB Pastine in Ciampino/CIA) are at a significant distance from the center of the city, so when you get to Rome you really have a bit of traveling still ahead of you.

The following is a list of possible options to reach the city center from the airport at Fiumicino: a similar post for Ciampino will follow!

From Fiumicino to the city using public transportation

You may already be familiar with the name ATAC: it’s the company running the large majority of the public transportation within Rome’s city limits. With Fiumicino being technically in another municipality, people landing there won’t be able to rely on any of their network of buses, trams or subways.

On the other hand, the public regional bus line CoTral connects the airport with the train/bus/subway hubs at Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina. Once there you will have to complete your journey with a combination of other public means of transportation (or a taxi).
Unfortunately, the CoTral service is not frequent and, again, being a public bus, it’s bound to take a long time.

COSTS: 5 to 7 EUR for a single-fare ticket, per person, on the blue CoTral buses.
RECOMMENDED IF: you’re a return visitor; know where the bus stops are/where to get tickets and are staying near the Tiburtina area or Termini area.

Private bus service

A number of private bus companies offer shuttle services from Fiumicino. Some feature a fixed fare, while others have changing prices depending on when the tickets get bought. All operate on a “first come, first serve” basis, meaning you may get tickets for yourself but the other people in your party may not be able to secure theirs due to the bus being booked up.
Also, all companies end their rides at either the hub at Roma Tiburtina or Roma Termini, which means you will be on your own from there on and will need to get to your accommodation by bus, metro or a taxi, with extra costs to be factored in.
COSTS: Costs depend on the chosen company and how much in advance you book your tickets (when applicable).
RECOMMENDED IF: you’re a return visitor not staying in the city center; you know where the bus terminals are at the airport and know a bit of Italian.

Train service

The Leonardo Express train at the Rome Termini terminal

The Fiumicino airport features a convenient train station which operates different types of trains, most of them to Rome proper. Trains called “Leonardo Express” are, indeed, express trains that only connect to Roma Termini. To be clear, they do not make any other stop on the way to Rome. Once in Termini you will have to factor more expenses when you get a taxi or bus/metro to your accommodation.

A different train service operating from the airport is called FL1 and connects Fiumicino to a number of train stations both within Rome and in the north-east of the Lazio region. These trains will end their ride at either Fara Sabina, Monterotondo or Orte. Tickets will be slightly cheaper than for the Leonardo Express and could prove useful if you’re not interested in reaching the Termini hub but mean to get to the Trastevere or Ostiense areas, among others.

Additionally, some high speed trains connect Fiumicino directly to Florence: you can use this solution if you’ve just landed and mean to go to Tuscany first, then Rome. Mind you, there is only a couple of trains each day operating this service and we’re only mentioning this so that you don’t inadvertently board the wrong train!

COSTS: The FL1 train line ticket costs 8 EUR per person (one way ticket, per person). The Leonardo Express train has a 14 EUR ticket (again, per person, single fare). Costs for the high speed trains to Florence will vary depending on how far in advance you completed your booking for this solution.
RECOMMENDED IF: Prices for these trains are tempting, but only if you’re travelling by yourself. If it’s more than one person in your party, you’ll find a taxi or a private transfer to be much more convenient.

Taxi cab

Obviously, all different taxi companies (recognisable white cars with obvious signage) will operate a service from the Leonardo da Vinci Airport at Fiumicino. The municipality of Rome has decided for a set fare which will cover the journey from either airport to within the walls of the city.
Unfortunately, scams are not unheard of, and some drivers are tarnishing the category’s reputation by asking far more than said set fares, either because they rely on tourists not knowing this rule or by “pretending” that their destination is really outside of the city walls and therefore not covered by these particular prices. You can protect yourself by booking a cab beforehand, by the time you’re ready to leave the airport. You can do so with such popular apps as MyTaxi or ITTaxi, which allow you to pay the ride in-app. The number of participating riders is on the rise, so waiting times are really short, too.
COSTS: A set fare of 48 EUR from Fiumicino to within Rome’s city walls.
RECOMMENDED IF: you’re a return visitor and know your way around the airport; are familiar with taxis in Italy; don’t mind waiting a long time in a queue; are traveling in a group so you can split the fare.

Private transfer

Like with private buses, a number of companies offer transfers, either by limo or minivan, to the center of the city. Prices vary wildly depending on the service chosen. It is probably interesting to note that Uber works in Rome as a private transfer service only, with higher costs if compared to what happens in other countries.

At From Home to Rome, we work side by side with one of such agencies, and they can guarantee a highly professional, cheaper alternative for travelers needing to get fast into the city. The advantages are obvious:

  • you won’t have to queue for your car but will have a private driver at your disposal, ready to pick you up as soon as you retrieve your luggage;
  • you will be taken directly to your accommodation, with no unnecessary detours;
  • you will be taken care of by a skilled professional who will be even able to tell you a bit about the city while taking you to your destination;
  • finally (and more importantly) there are no hidden costs or extras, and the cost will be particularly appealing if you’re traveling in a group – splitting the fare makes this solution even cheaper than taking the train!

Our partners at Autonoleggio Conti not only will be available to pick you up at any airport, but upon request they can arrange to take you on day trips in other selected areas of Italy at large: get in touch with us today to know more about their range of services!

COSTS: a set fare of 50 EUR for transfers of up to three people; 55 EUR from 3+ people
RECOMMENDED IF: you want to get rid any extra stress from the final leg of your travel!

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