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Where is the best Gelato in Rome?

Published on June 17, 2018 by fromhometorome

There is no harm in asking where the best gelato in Rome is, but hardly could an answer be any trickier, because this is home for ice creams, and every local seems to have their own favorite… Right around the corner!

Keeping in mind there are so many good gelato shops downtown, From Home to Rome presents you with a short-list, so that you can decide which of them is the best, possibly starting from the closer to your apartment.

One of the oldest shops existing – together with Fassi, much closer to Elizabeth House – still among the best around, Giolitti is only two minutes away from Campo Marzio Bellavista apartment. You will have to factor in a little addition for table service in this early 1900s room (just like anywhere else in central Rome), yet most of the gelato lovers like to have it on the move.

Another nice venue for ice creams, and one with more tables in the open at a central piazza, Ciampini is two minutes from Casa Torretta apartment. It will also be a convenient gelato stop when you are taking a stroll along the Corso, central Rome’s main street. But if you want to pull out of shopping, and go sightseeing around the Pantheon, you can a give a try to San Crispino in a neighborhood where there are plenty of ice cream shops, very good for gelato lovers staying at Casa Cornacchie, Piazza delle Coppelle, Via degli Spagnoli apartments.

For as much as you travel in Rome, which is akin to traveling through time, you won’t miss a gelato opportunity even in the oldest parts of town. Though gelato dates from modern times, you can buy yourself an ice cream from shops whose foundations are, in fact, layered above ancient buildings. This is particularly true for the area of Casetta del Fico, Monte degli Orsini, Clock Terrace House, Terrazza di Elly, and Antiqua apartments. Gelateria del Teatro, which takes its name from an ancient stage underneath now lost for good, is pretty close to all of them.

Also on the east bank of river Tiber, a family-run gelato shop you may like to try is Pica, five minutes from Campo de’ Fiori, which is quite close to Cieloterra and Argentina House. Punto Gelato is opposite Wanderlust and across the Tiber, too, Trastevere is no gelato-free land. In fact, one of the most successful shops in town is Old Bridge, not far at all if your accommodation is Casa San Francesco or Via delle Mantellate. Another popular gelato franchise is La Romana, ten minutes from Casina Rugantea, and also Gelarmony is another reference in the same neighborhood.

We have tried our best to sample gelato shops for you in Rome, being aware that you are going to find the best by yourself, with an eye to the shortest walking distance, another to the most brilliant taste. You can feel lucky enough about staying in Italy’s capital city (of gelato, too!) and standing in line before you actually get yours. It’s been said that it takes up to seven minutes for anyone to eat their scoops: the wait for it won’t be longer. And, please, get back to us with your favorite.

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