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From Home to Rome & Joy of Rome introduce the “Premium Check-in”

Published on October 12, 2018 by C. P.

Get in touch today for our new Premium Check-in service!

When you arrive in Rome, you’re often overwhelmed more than you’re tired: maybe there’s so much car traffic around you, maybe you don’t understand the language or you can’t recognize any landmarks from where you’re staying… To top it all up, your GPS may play up because the alleys around your accommodation are too narrow!

What we just listed are just a few frequent sources of anxiety by new visitors to the city. That is why, along with our partners at Joy of Rome, we tried to give an answer to a number of these concerns by providing a new extra feature we’re sure you’ll all enjoy.

A check-in, with a twist

Of course a check-in is nothing new: when you get to your accommodation, we give you to keys to the apartment you’ve booked; we show you the amenities there; we introduce you to our handbooks and what’s listed in them; finally, we record your personal details for the local authorities (we’ll delve more into why that is into an upcoming dedicated post).

But what about what’s just downstairs from the apartment? Of course you’ve planned this trip, so you know how to get to the landmarks and must-sees, but sometimes you don’t know about the great, new little restaurant, or a hidden monument or museum just around the corner from where you’re staying.

So, think of a “premium check-in” as orientation for you to enjoy the district!

How does that work?

Of course it doesn’t have to happen right there and then: we understand how you may be exhausted from your travels and keeping you is the furthest thing from our minds when we get to know you. However, if you’ve got enough time in Rome and you’re interested in knowing the story of where you’re staying, as well the trivia and places of interest in the borough around you, you might want to consider this new service offered by our partners at Joy of Rome.

Joy of Rome is a tour company we have had the pleasure of working with for a number of years now. They offer a number of tailored tours for the city’s most well known landmarks and they only employ authorised guides with a background in history, art history or archaeology. And they have an outstanding reputation (as demonstrated by their excellent reviews over on TripAdvisor) and will be delighted to take you around your new Roman neighbourhood!

If a premium check-in is something you would like to try, check out Joy of Rome’s Viator offer for this particular service and get in touch with them to plan your exclusive 1 hour-long orientation session!

The staff at JoR will schedule a short walking tour of the immediate surroundings close to your booked apartment, will share tips and recommendations with you and will help, should you need it, with your planning in Rome, having you feel like a local in no time!

Here are the advantages of a neighborhood walk with Joy of Rome:

  • A true Roman’s perspective on your area of choice (the district around of your accommodation, or maybe you’d like to focus on somewhere else? Decide together what you’d like to explore);
  • Local tips and advice on food, transportation and experiences;
  • Plan your holiday – have an expert give you the breakdown of your stay in Rome;
  • Find little known spots in the very heart of the city;
  • Afraid of getting lost near your Roman apartment? Never again!

Book your premium check-in today!

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