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Photography Month in Rome: send us your best pictures of the city!

Published on March 11, 2019 by C. P.

Antonino Clemenza, courtesy of FARO/Mese della Fotografia, Photography Month Roma

March has begun, and so has the Mese della Fotografia Roma, Rome’s Photography Month: set up by the FARO association, bringing together professional photographers and fans of this particular form of art, this initiative includes over 200 free events, among them conferences, book launches and, of course, exhibitions.

It’s impossible to list them all, but at the very least we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • “Franco Fontana e quelli di Franco Fontana”, an exhibition dedicated to the great photography maestro and his “students”, at the new Palazzo Merulana museum (until march 17)
  • “Sul set di Antonioni”, pictures by Sergio Strizzi while collaborating with director Michelangelo Antonioni. Casa del Cinema (Villa Borghese Park), from March 15 to March 26.
  • “Maam, il museo abitato”: pictures of the very unusual Metropoliz museum, in the outskirts east of Rome, where street art and contemporary piece co-exist with families living in this occupied building. Biblioteca comunale Guglielmo Marconi (Public library) on Via G. Cardano 135, from March 9 to March 31.
  • “Civitavecchia-Sperlonga. La strada di PPPasolini”: photos shot on part of the route taken by the celebrated writer/director in 1959. At the Stadio di Domiziano (Piazza Navona archaeological site) from March 23 to March 31.

The whole list of events is available on the website’s official calendar, at this address (in italian)

Let’s celebrate your photographs!

You can also be a part of this Photography Month: send us your best picture from your visit! It can be your take of a famous landmark, or an unknown gem in the city center, an everyday scene or a portrait of somebody you’ve met in the Urbs Aeterna… The choice is yours!

The whole team at From Home to Rome will choose the best picture and we’ll publish it on our blog along with a Q&A with its author, of course! Feels like it’s something that you’d like to do? Then look no further than at the bottom of this very page, where you will be able to submit your picture along with your details and a comment, if you so wish, or a question, if you have any!

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