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A new museum in Rome: Palazzo Merulana

Published on July 27, 2018 by C. P.

Palazzo Merulana museum Colosseum area

Lovers of the arts visiting Rome might enjoy a new space recently opened on via Merulana 121, at a walking distance from the Colosseum and our managed apartment Casa Isabella al Colosseo. Palazzo Merulana is hosted inside the city of Rome’s former health offices, which were bombed during WWII and have been at the centre of a careful restoration for the past three years.

Palazzo Merulana is now the home of an Italian-focused collection of paintings and statues covering most of the 20th century, generously made available by the Cerasi Foundation by Claudio and Elena Cerasi, two prominent art collectors from Rome. CoopCulture, which manages the ticketing system for the Colosseum (among other landmarks in Rome and Italy) deals with the online bookings for this museum, too.

If you’re staying in Rome for a little longer and want to explore something off the beaten path, you’re in for a treat. At Palazzo Merulana you’ll be able to delve deep into some of the most important works by such artists as Giorgio de Chirico, Giacomo Balla, Felice Casorati, Mario Schifano or Mario Mafai. It’ll be also be a chance to discover the “Scuola Romana”, one of the most important art movements in the city, dating to the post-war period.

The palazzo is also the home to a café and restaurant, open to everyone, while its top floor will be hosting book presentations, conferences and other cultural events.

Tickets for Palazzo Merulana are only 4 Euros per person. The museum is open on Mondays, closed on Tuesdays and during the summer will be open from 2PM to 8PM. More information is available at the museum’s official website.

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